About Me

About Me

I just wanna be identified as anonymous so called +Bujang Pegari as my nick-name for my blogger name on 'The DAYAK Guitar Chord'. Nothing much I can share about me for those who's still wonder who is me behind +Bujang Pegari.

I just wanna share especially on lagu iban guitar chord for those who love playing guitar own their free time. I'm not a professional guitarist or so called GURU but my passion on music is higher than ever. So let rock n roll to all my Sarawakian and more important thing is do subscribes me on Google+ for more information and guitar chord that i will share.

Google+ : +Bujang Pegari 

About The DAYAK Guitar Chord Blog

Hello to all Sarawakian; the blog 'The DAYAK Guitar Chord' is a share information on Sarawak lagu iban chord guitar. All the guitar chord share mostly from our local Sarawak Dayak Music and songs that already been air or can be found on their album.

First of all, credit goes to all the owner of the songs, video, lyrics and guitar chord cause all the source are taken by respective owner. Another thing is, all the guitar chord of lagu iban is a just share information such as education for beginner guitar player.

Any finding of error chord of lagu iban that been share do comment on the comment section to all the post; after the information given, the correction of the chord guitar lagu iban shall be immediately change.

Do follow the latest's new lagu iban guitar chord here. Kord gitar lagu iban. Thanks for stopping by.