Guitar Tab Salah Aku - Alkodia

Guitar Chord
Chord Salah Aku - Alkodia - Here's a share guitar chord of lagu iban Salah Aku by Alkodia Band; any finding on error of the guitar chord do comment. 

Credit to all source that has been provided for the guitar chord [kord gitar lagu iban] of Salah Aku - Alkodia Band.

Video: Salah Aku - Alkodia

Guitar Tab/ Chord: Salah Aku - Alkodia

(plucking)Am G C F C C G
(dist) Am C G F Am C G F F

Am G C Dm Am G F
Am G C Dm Am G F G

Am G C Am G C Am G C Am G C G G

Am C G F Am C G F

Am C G Dm Am C G Dm F Am F G

Am C G F Am C G F
Am C G F Am C G F

Am C G F Am C G F Am

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