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Chord Tinggal Kenang - Loudness Empire - Here's a share guitar chord of lagu iban Tinggal Kenang by Loudness Empire Band; any finding on error of the guitar chord do comment.

Credit to all source that has been provided for the guitar chord [kord gitar lagu iban] of Tinggal Kenang - Loudness Empire Band.

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Guitar Tab/ Chord: Tinggal Kenang - Loudness Empire

Intro:   Bm  G  D  A  (4x)

Bm  G  D            A
Sunyi diati, nganti nuan
Bm       G  D           A
Nganti penatai nuan pulai
Bm   G D            A
Sunyi diati nadai nuan
Bm     G  D         A
Nadai ditisi aku mati

G       A
Asa ati...asa ati
G                A
Nganti ngapa..

Bm            G    D         A
Tinggal kenang tua ti begulai
Bm  G    D          A
Dibai ribut angin lalu
Bm      G       D           A
Nadai berita nadai cherita
Bm         G  D       A
Dikenang agi nadai guna..

Bm   G      D           A
Uoowoo…Tinggal kenang tua...
Bm   G      D           A
Ooo uwoo…Tinggal kenang tua...

Repeat Chorus

Bm   G D            A
Sunyi diati, nadai nuan                                                
Bm     G  D         A                                              
Nadai ditisi aku mati

credit goes to, IgatUS

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