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Now, you are watching music video 'Ensera Keterubah' sung by Pyred.

FYI; the single Ensera Keterubah shown here just a promo version from Pyred band, so we have to wait a little more for the full version song.

"Pyred Pengujung ia datai enggau official music video nengah album ENSERA KETERUBAH "

Penatai asil ari raban band popular ke asal ari kanowit chukup dianti anti peminat muzik iban.Pyred ukai nama mit agi dalam industri,taja bisi laun ngeluar ke produk sidak bai sibuk ngau karier pangan diri,sidak enda lama datai Enggau music video sidak enggau album ENSERA KETERUBAH ti dikeluar ari baruh perabung Allen Tinggi Trading,siti production ti mayuh Udh ngeluar album enggau movie kelimpah drama bersiri iban "Iban Taiko".

Penerbit ke mega bos besai Allen Tinggi mesan ngagai semua peminat muzik dayak sukung meh ia ke original..

Sukung ke original ambi majak Kurang chelak tiru."

Video: Ensera Keterubah - Pyred

Title: Ensera Keterubah
Artiste: Pyred
Composer: Pyred
Music Arranger: Pyred
Label: Allen Tinggi Trading Sdn Bhd (ATTSB)

Catch up on our most best local Sarawakian talented artiste in action.

The songs and music video output of Ensera Keterubah by Pyred is just promotion only; for better quality, please get it on the market with the ORIGINAL purchase only or just liaise back to them.

For your info.  Ensera Keterubah - Pyred video are taken from all the alternate source such as YouTube and do liaise to the up-loader for it.

If any of you guys knew the guitar chords for  Ensera Keterubah - Pyred, especially the artiste itself (Pyred), just give a comment below for the chords/ kord.

It may; a helping hand to others who's in need of this kord  Ensera Keterubah - Pyred chords song.

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